Visa to Enter Japan (English Version)


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Visa Information

Visits to the consular section must be booked in advance.

Applicants must hold a valid residence permit in Hungary to be eligible to apply for a visa. Foreign residents staying in Hungary cannot apply for a visa unless they have a valid residence permit in Hungary.  

Applications from those foreign nationals who are not residing in Hungary cannot be accepted even if they have a valid residence permit in Hungary.

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How to Apply

Application Process

Visa applications must be submitted by the applicant in person with the exception of applications for diplomatic/official visas. If extraordinary circumstances do not make it possible for you to come in person, please contact the Consular Section.
Please bring your application documents to our office during our opening hours (see below). It is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

Visa application and pick-up hours: 
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:30, from 13:30 to 16:00 (Please arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time.)
The Embassy of Japan is closed on weekends, Hungarian and some Japanese public holidays. For the list of public holidays please click here (PDF).
Office address: 
1125 Budapest, Zalai út 7.
You can find a map of our office location here (PDF).

Embassy of Japan in Hungary
Consular Section

     Tel:      +36-1-398-3100
     Fax:     +36-1-275-1281

Japanese Visa Information Hotline (24 hours / 7 days a week, English only)


     TEL: 06-8021-6015


     This hotline is designated for visa applicants residing in Hungary.

     *If you are calling from Hungary, you will be charged a domestic call fee for your call.

     *This Hotline will only provide general information regarding Japanese visas.

     *The Hotline will not connect you to the Embassy's Consular Section. If you need to contact the Embassy in regards to pending or future visa applications, please contact the Embassy directly at +36-1-398-3100 during office hours.


Payment of Visa Fees

Visa fees vary depending on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying for. Hungarian nationals are exempt from visa fees. Please click here for detailed information. 
Payment must be made in cash (please bring the exact amount) upon receipt of the visa. Credit/Debit cards or cheques are not accepted.

Processing Time

Time to process visa applications depends on the applicant’s clarified status or circumstances.  There is no express visa service. Generally, it takes a minimum of 5 working days to process visa applications, even if the documentation is sufficient. 
In certain cases, applications may need to be referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, in which cases the process may take longer (about three weeks or more) for the assessment to be fully completed. 

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General Information regarding Visa Applications

  • All visa application forms should either be printed or typed with no column left blank. 
  • Additional documents may be required if necessary.  
  • In case of nationals of China, Russia, CIS and Georgia, if the required application documents are not in English, it is advised to attach English translation to them. English translations do not have to be official translations, they can be translated by the applicant.
  • All documents must be submitted in original (No photocopy of documents or documents sent by fax/e-mails will be accepted). In principle, submitted documents will not be returned except for identification documents (e.g. ID, passport, Hungarian residence permit, etc.) and other important documents that are difficult to obtain again.
  • Please note that you are not required to pay for the air ticket and the hotel in advance, as the Embassy of Japan cannot refund the costs in case your visa is not granted or is delayed.
  •  Japan does not have any regulations relating to passport validity, as long as your passport is valid until the time you leave Japan (especially in case of short-term stay).
  • Acceptance of the application does not necessarily mean that the visa will be granted.
  •  In case the visa is not granted, the reasons will not be disclosed due to our internal rules.  
  • In general, the visa is only valid for one entry. The visa sticker itself is valid for three months from the date of issue, therefore applications are accepted three months prior to the intended date of arrival. The validity period of the visa sticker cannot be extended.
  •  A visa is only a recommendation for the entry to Japan. Possession of a visa does not necessarily entitle the bearer to enter Japan. The person may not be permitted to enter upon arrival at port of entry if he or she is found inadmissible, even in the possession of a valid visa. 

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Criteria of Visa Issuance

A Japanese visa will be issued to an applicant when he/she meets all of the following requirements and if the issuance is considered to be appropriate.
(1) The applicant possesses a valid passport and is entitled to the re-entry to the country/area of his/her nationality or a country/area of his/her residence. 
(2) All submitted documents are authentic, completed and satisfactory. 
(3) The activities to be engaged in Japan, the civil status or the position of the applicant and the period of stay meet the requirements for the status of residence and the period of stay stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. (Cabinet Order No.319 of 1951. Hereinafter referred to as the "Immigration Control Act".) 
(4) The applicant does not fall under any of the items of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control Act.

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